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Got a gaming craving? Stockholm is serving up a ton.  Get a quick access to the huge gaming industry in Stockholm.

Welcome to the city with a love for gamers.

Hello gamers

Or if you are an esporter. Either way, we have something unique to offer you – the best environment in the world for anyone within esports or gaming.

Where else can you find some of the best programmers and game developers in the world? The biggest event organizer in gaming, world leading professional players and teams and world class arenas and gaming halls? All in a city that at the same time is a creative hotspot where industries like esport, music, fashion, tech and design intersect. The result? Second most unicorn companies per capita after Silicon Valley and more game developers per capita than anywhere else in the world. Did we mention that Stockholm also probably has the world’s fastest internet?

So what is it like to live in Stockholm? We offer work-life balance and urban city life with closeness to nature, activities and clean water. We never compromise on freedom of speech, religion or sexuality. And we encourage people to think outside the box and find their own way.


Welcome to Stockholm - The Global Capital for Gamers.


Gaming and esports operations in Stockholm

Stockholm has more to offer than meets the eye. We probably have more gaming and esports companies per capita than any where else in the world. Job opportunities, co lab-opportunities and investment opportunities. Take a look!

Do you represent a Stockholm-based company or organization in esports or gaming? Email us to publish your operation in our listing.

Do you have an event or offer planned in Stockholm? Email us to publish your offer in our event calendar.

Learn more about what Stockholm has to offer. 

Sthlm Play is an initiative by Visit Stockholm and key stakeholders from the gaming and esport industry in Stockholm.

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