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2 December 2021


Inferno Online Odenplan

Gaming Weekend @ Inferno Online

Gaming Weekend @ Inferno Online

Time & location

2 December 2021 at 23:00:00

5 December 2021 at 22:59:00

Odengatan 60, 113 22 Stockholm, Sweden

About the event

We're kicking off black week with a jam-packed gaming weekend with competitions both days and nights, and we've been loading up with awesome prizes all weekend!

We kick off Friday afternoon with Fortnite and Fifa (Odenplan), followed by a packed night session with League of Legends, Fifa (Odenplan) and of course spontaneous tournaments!

On Saturday we'll be running Fortnite from 12:00 onwards and then a Tekken tournament on Odenplan. During the night we will continue with the popular CS:GO 2on2 tournament, Fifa and spontaneous tournaments.

On Sunday, we'll continue with Fortnite and Fifa during the day and a special competition where you'll win a prize if you manage to win an online Battle Royal in Warzone, Apex or PUBG. Take a picture of your victory and show it at the checkout to get your prize!

Book your night session before we run out of spots! You can book online via the link down below (you'll bypass the queue!) Or by phone:


08-33 86 11 & 08-33 86 02


08-643 13 70


08-1337 89


For more information:

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