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Skolkampen CS:GO 2021

The CS:GO Skolkampen is back with a new season for all Swedish high schools and student unions.

Skolkampen CS:GO 2021

Time & location

3 November 2021 at 17:00:47

2 December 2021 at 22:59:47

About the event

Which school is the best at CS:GO in Sweden?

  • 1 team per qualifier advances to the Sweden finals on December 11th at Inferno Online in Stockholm - travel and accommodation costs will be covered.
  • Esportal organises the School Championships in Sweden with 8 qualifiers.
  • 25000 SEK in the pot in the Swedish finals.
  • The school that wins the Swedish finals gets to play the Nordic finals for an additional 25000 SEK on 18/12 online
  • Each qualifier has room for 128 teams, the qualifier is played BO1 all the way through to the final which is played the following day in a BO3. The winner there advances to the Sweden finals 11/12.
  • All qualifiers will be broadcast live on Esportals Twitch.

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